Smplr Product Updates

Check out our latest feature releases, share your ideas and read through our roadmap.

  1. Expense management & new transactions UI

    New Feature

    Again, we have excellent news! The team worked hard, and the platform has become more functional and convenient every day.

    Today, we are excited to introduce a new major feature - income and expense management. You can now aggregate transactions by type to gain useful insights into spending patterns. Categories can be easily set with one click and added to the cash flow report.

    Frame 39594 (3)

    Our second feature and source of pride is the completely redesigned transaction list and transaction detail page. For simplicity and ease of tracking, we have left only the most important and necessary details.


    For those who need more information, we have added a full stack trace of contract execution and other blockchain details to the transaction details tab.


    We have worked seriously on quality, fixing and updating spam tokens in the asset list, significantly improving the visual notes and attachments to transactions for easy reconciliation, greatly improving stability when syncing, archiving and unarchiving large accounts. Additionally, we have worked on the overall interface, making it more functional and user-friendly.

    Wait for us in the same place next week, we will please you with another release! ;)


  2. Assets panel, Google Auth and much more!

    New Feature

    We're happy to introduce the latest update from SMPLR and its HUGE!

    • With the latest update, our users can now sign up and log in through Google Auth, making the process faster and more convenient.
    • Enjoy transaction reports that are more comprehensive than ever before, providing detailed information that ensures smooth and seamless operations. We've added transaction notes, attachment details, fiat estimates for fees.
    • The app also boasts a single dashboard where users can view all of their assets at once, streamlining the process and making it easier to keep track of everything.
    • In addition, the contacts feature has been enhanced with new capabilities such as the ability to aggregate transactions, add multiple addresses for a single contact, add contact notes and even delete contacts entirely.
    • ..and for maximum convenience, the app now offers full account re-syncing, ensuring that users always have the most accurate data.

    With over 30 bug fixes, this release is the most reliable and user-friendly version of SMPLR yet. Whether you're a seasoned crypto user or just getting started in the world of cryptocurrency, SMPLR has everything you need to stay on top of your assets and make managerial accounting as simple as possible.


  3. Transaction reports!

    New Feature
    Import transactions

    Simple magic!

    Transactions export is finally here in three steps: add your accounts (crypto and fiat), pick the time frame, some special Smplr magic...and get your cleared and accurate list of operations in seconds. Yes, THAT simple.

    And of course if you added transaction notes or mapped them to contacts - you'll see them in exports as well.

    We're planning to add more reports including EoD balance, net cash flow, gains and losses in upcoming releases!

    ..and more!

    This release contains more than 50 improvements and fixes including,

    - transaction reasons - add notes and attaches to any transaction to speed up reconciliation

    - transactions are now in sync with user time zone (yes, in export files too!)

    - failed crypto transactions are correctly visualized in UI

    - contacts update - now we have last transaction with contact and lots of additional info to manage, including country, addresses, extra contact methods etc.


  4. Meet the Contacts!

    New Feature
    Frame 39582

    New feature - Contacts!

    We are happy to share our latest platform update - contacts management, which includes:

    • the ability to add a contact directly from the blockchain transaction (or manually from contacts page)
    • automatic contact mapping to the company transaction history
    • the ability to bind several addresses in different blockchains to one contact
    • last, but now least, we aggregated the history of interactions with a contact, including the number of transactions, balance of payments, date and hash of the last transaction.

    In the near future, we plan to add the ability to group and filter contacts, as well as matching contacts with fiat accounts – all to make the experience of managing finances with Smplr even more seamless.

    ..and many more!

    Along with the major changes the release also contains a number of product improvements and stability fixes, including:

    • a significant improvement to crypto wallet synchronization service that now allows to fast-sync large wallets
    • update to the functionality of bank transactions upload with the ability to configure custom date format template
    • completely redesigned visuals for smart contracts interactions on ETH-like blockchains and a large number of small improvements.

    So without further ado, try the latest version of Smplr and stay tuned for next updates!


  5. Smplr Pre-alpha is LIVE!


    We're happy to share that after 3 months of sleepless nights, our first public version is here!

    Using Smplr you're able to:

    • monitor and collect unlimited amount of wallets and transactions in 8 blockchains linked with historical fiat rates by Coingecko
    • track your personal or company bank account transactions in one of 150+ fiat currencies. No need to prepare data, use our visual mapping tool instead
    • manage your fiat vitrual operations
    • we're carefully calculating cashflow for every single account and for the company as a whole

    We're aggregating payments data to calculate your spendings and earnings across crypto and fiat in a single dashboard for your convinience!

    What's next?

    Our current areas of focus are:

    • contacts management - map any transaction with specific contact, individual or business
    • expense and income management - to understand company earnings and spendings
    • more blockchains!
    • stability improvements to make our service enterprise-ready

    Check our Roadmap section for more info! Share your ideas, and we'll build the best product to make your financial management Smplr!